Allison Carter

Summer Revival

We have officially gone from reveling in summer to hating it here at my house.   Perhaps I shouldn’t speak for my husband and child, but I am in official “enough oppressive heat already” mode. Sigh. And it’s only June.    But I...

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Let's get doused

Every day now my toddler wakes up and says “I wanna go to the POOL” or “I wanna go to the BEACH.” Yeah, me too. And it’s summer, so it is the season of water mania.    Pools we have in this area. AD Clark is free and open (hip...

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Summer Music Makes Me Cool

I have a love/hate relationship with summer, especially now that there is a child involved.  I love pools.  I hate having to smear sunscreen all over everyone and the inevitable crying that comes when it gets in the eyes.  I...

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