CHAPEL HILL – Head Coach Mike Fox said game three of this weekend’s nationally-televised series between No. 1 UNC and No. 6 N.C. State might have gone on if it had been rescheduled for earlier in the day, but ESPN insisted on sticking to the original time–and Coach Fox was not happy about it.

“I’ll set the record straight here,” Coach Fox said. “The bottom line is that ESPN had the right to the game, and they evoked that right to play it at 7:00, and they were not interested in moving it even though it was pretty clear that it looked like it was going to rain. So, it wasn’t N.C. State; it wasn’t us; it was television having the rights to the game. That’s the contract the ACC signed in all their sports. To my knowledge, there was very little negotiation. They were asked to be flexible on the time, and they did not do that.”

Coach Fox made those comments on his weekly radio show Monday night on WCHL.

The Tar Heels are back in action on Wednesday, hosting The Citadel in Boshamer Stadium. First pitch is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.; you can catch all the action on 97.9 FM, WCHL.