CHAPEL HILL – The clock is ticking on Carolina’s preseason football preparations; the season is right around the corner and Head Coach Larry Fedora is busy rallying his troops for their battle with South Carolina on August 29.

And how is the energy level of the team? Coach Fedora says he’s impressed.

“Great energy level today. Kids came out here with the right attitude. We had two practices yesterday and we challenged them with a  short turn-around. Let’s come out and get better as a football team and we did,” Fedora said.

The preseason presents a true test for the Tar Heel players as Coach Fedora says a lot more is thrown at them in August than on normal game weeks during the regular season.

“When you put a game plan together it’s very specific on these are the things that are going to be run in this game, and that’s all you work on during the week. It’s much easier for the guys during a game week to prepare. Right now, they are preparing for everything so it takes a lot more concentration on their part,” Fedora said.

Wide receiver play will be huge for Carolina this fall. But with all the high octane flash of the ‘Fedora Freak Show’ offense, the coach says there is more he wants out of his receivers, and it isn’t just hauling in passes. He wants them to block to get other people open when necessary. Unselfish play seems to be a focus here.

Freshman Ryan Switzer has caught Coach Fedora’s eye in 2013. He says the versatile back is equipped with all the intangibles you need to succeed at this level.

“He’s got that will. He’s got that thing you’re looking for inside his chest. He’s got that tremendous will to be successful,” Fedora said.

The ‘hot hand’ is often brought up in Coach Fedora’s comments, but he says his offensive philosophy is all about distribution and throwing the ball to the open guy.