CHAPEL HILL– Many Tar Heel football fans may assume this is the weekend UNC gets an easy home win over a bad Boston College squad, but one glance at their schedule changes all that.

Head Coach Larry Fedora says it’s important to look at who the Eagles have lost to this season.

“We’re trying to get ready for a good football team. The only losses are from USC, Clemson and Florida State. So we know it’s a good football team coming in here,” Coach Fedora says.

One of the challenges for the Tar Heels will be facing the ACC’s leading rusher on Saturday. BC’s Andre Williams has already racked up 838 yards on the ground. Coach Fedora says the defense will need to force some long yardage situations to exploit the passing game.

“We’ve got to really stop the run. That’s going to be the key to our defensive effort. We’ve got to stop the run. Now I don’t expect us to shut them out, but we’ve got to stop the run and put them in some long yardage situations and make them throw the football,” Coach Fedora says.

Freshman Dominique Green had a huge night for UNC on Zero Dark Thursday, but how has the true freshman found his way out on the field? Coach Fedora says he just has a knack for the game and his effort level is phenomenal.

“He has a knack, and he steps up and makes plays for us. He started doing it back in the spring and fall camp. He has continued to do it. He’s a true freshman getting better and better as we go. His best ball is all still out in front of him. There is no doubt about that. But the effort is there every single time,” Coach Fedora says.

What will be the ultimate keys to victory in Kenan Stadium this weekend? For one thing, Coach Fedora says the Tar Heels must win the turnover battle.

“We got to be physical, and we got to stop the run. We got to create some takeaways. You know we did that the other night, but we got to continue to do that. We just started, and we got to continue to do that,” Coach Fedora says.

Chilly football weather will be greeting the Tar Heel fans on Saturday. But the rare 3:30 p.m. kickoff time should put a smile on everyone’s face.