CHAPEL HILL– Carolina football is getting back on track. The Tar Heels posted a 40-20 rebound win over Middle Tennessee State on Saturday in Kenan Stadium, evening their season record at 1-1.

Now entering a bye week, Coach Fedora says there is still plenty for his team to work on, but there were some bright spots displayed out on the field in the home opener.

“No matter what happens, we got to play the game one way. And I thought there were a lot of times today that we were playing the type of ball that we want to play. And then there were other times that we didn’t,” Coach Fedora says.

Coach Fedora says the turnover caused by senior safety Tre Boston on MTSU’s opening drive was a game changing play for the Tar Heels. It rallied the team.

“I think the main thing is we just settled down after the first drive. It was huge getting the turnover down there on the first drive. […] I thought our defense, especially in that first half, played really well,” Coach Fedora says.

Yes, it wasn’t just your imagination. Carolina did kick off to start both halves of football on Saturday. But Coach Fedora jokingly says it was all a part of the game plan for the Blue Raiders.

“That was our strategy going into the game. We felt like if we kicked off twice to them, it would help them out. We wanted to see if we could get more time with the defense on the field,” Coach Fedora quips.

But let there be no mistake, Coach Fedora and his staff demand perfection from their players. Coach Fedora says every play in every game is scrutinized and analyzed for that reason.

“When we go back and look at the film, that’s all we are doing, dissecting each and every play. We don’t just say good play. It’s all eleven guys on the field did they do exactly what we expect them to do with the technique that we teach them,” Coach Fedora says.

Up next for the Tar Heels following the bye week is a date with Georgia Tech and their troubling option offense on the 21st in Atlanta.