CHAPEL HILL- Things stayed quiet in Boshamer Stadium for most of Carolina’s home baseball game against Appalachian State Tuesday night, but it was the Heels who ultimately managed to run away with the 2-0 victory, allowing only one hit for the Mountaineers.

UNC only came away with four hits, but the team’s pitching and defense ultimately sealed the deal; starting Tar Heel pitcher Reilly Hovis pitched five innings, walked three, and struck three out. Sophomore Chris McCue pitched as a reliever for the Heels from the sixth to the top of the ninth, and Chris Munnelly closed things out, with McCue tallying two walks and five strikeouts. Munnelly took one walk, two strikeouts, and his first save of the season.

No one from either team made it past second base up through the top of the third, but Hovis gave up the one Appalachian State hit in the first inning; it went to Mountaineer senior Will Callaway.

Mike Zolk finally managed to make it to the third base in the bottom of the third inning. With the bases loaded, Zolk crossed the plate for the first run of the game on a sacrifice fly. UNC managed to load the bases once again before the inning’s end, but couldn’t bring in another run, and the Heels took their 1-0 lead into the top of the fourth.

For the next two innings, both teams once again couldn’t muster any offensive action. The Mountaineers threatened in the top of the sixth when Hector Crespo advanced to third base, but three straight strikeouts from McCue kept Appalachian State from crossing the plate.

Cody Stubbs added one to the books for the Heels in the bottom of the sixth to make it 2-0 with a ground ball RBI. Stubbs also hit a one-out triple in the bottom of the eighth, but couldn’t quite manage to bring in another run.

UNC now sits at 46-6 overall, while the Mountaineers fall to 27-20. Next up, the Heels take on UVA for a three-game home series beginning on Thursday evening, with first pitch scheduled for 6:00.