CARRBORO – The coaches and athletic director at CarrboroHigh School say the school’s Wells Fargo Cup wins are thanks to the community and the people that make up the school.

Carrboro high school won the Wells-Fargo cup for the Carolina-12 conference and the 2A division. Wells Fargo Cup points are based on finishes in state championship events.

The Jaguars received high points for its women’s cross country state championship, a pair of state finals berths for men’s soccer and football, second-place finishes for men’s and women’s swimming, and a few individual championships in track and field, among others.

Athletic director April Ross says she’s proud of the students and coaches that made the wins possible.

“We have tremendous pride in CHS Jaguar athletics and it is not only in the school and the academic arena, but going out onto the playing field, the kids are taking that excellence and success and putting it out on the athletic field” said Ross.

The Wells-Fargo cup includes all sports throughout the year. The track and field team saw individual championships from Grace Morken in the 800 and 1,600 meters races, Scott Peretin in the discus and shot put, and Carrboro’s 4×800 and 4×400 relay teams. Coach Mimi O’Grady says the future of the team wasn’t always known.

“I coach the men’s and women’s distance athletes on the team, and I showed up not exactly sure how we were going to perform by May, but one day at a time we ended up having the strongest state finish we’ve ever had” said O’Grady.

The Carrboro Track & Field team had many senior this year that helped to bring the Wells-Fargo Cup home. O’Grady says despite the graduation, she is not concerned about the team’s performance in the upcoming year. She says she looks forward to seeing the new athletes perform.

“On the girl’s side I did lose quite a bit of heavy hitters, six seniors all together, four that were big score keepers, on the men’s side though less of a loss.  I lost two senior guys and the men’s team is going to have a good cross country season with a whole crop of very strong rising seniors” O’Grady comments.

With a strong track team, Coach Melvin Griffin comments on where it improved this year to pull in extra points for the cup.

“Realized that we are able in the past two years, even though we have been successful, to score points in the hurdles, sprints, and the throws which helped us out. And then obviously this year with the boys who did finish third, only had five boys in the state meet and finished third; and an individual Scott Peretin win shot and disk” said Griffin.

Carrboro High is the youngest high school in the district with seven years under its belt. For more information, click here. For the complete standings, click here.