Full of some of the most natural beauty in the Triangle area, as well as one of the best art scenes in the entire state, northern Chatham County makes a spectacular home for those looking to head into Chapel Hill or Carrboro, or those seeking respite from the city without being too far away.

Low priced, large acreage properties make Chatham County especially interesting to home-buyers looking to live near Chapel Hill. Prices drop steadily as you go further away from Orange and closer to Pittsboro. While Fearrington Village may be the shining gem of the area, especially with its illustrious Fearrington Inn on the property, the quality of other neighborhoods remains just as high as you move closer to Pittsboro. Neighborhoods such as Powell Place and Potterstone Village provide all the luxury and charm of their sister subdivisions to the north, but they also have the added advantage of a small-town arts community.

Downtown Pittsboro offers the wonderful assortment of shops and cafes you’ve come to expect from a hip little town. With antique shops, French rug merchants, and guitar stores selling hand-made products straight from Chatham County, the community simply stuns with its sense of style and gentle humility. If you aren’t already enticed by the culture of the county, you’ll definitely be intrigued by its magnificent natural beauty. You’ll find a great swimming hole by the dam in the Haw River; you’ll find a place to go boating at the famous Jordan Lake; you’ll even find tennis and basketball courts, and plenty of brand new children’s playgrounds in both the northeastern and northwestern corners of the county.

Chatham’s dedication to nature doesn’t end there. One company, Piedmont Biofuels, is so dedicated to renewable, clean energy that it has a strict no-commute policy, barring anyone from driving in from Durham and helping keep the air clean by making the locals bike to work. Chatham simply has a veritable wealth of activities for everyone from young artists and professionals, to growing families or retirees.

Most homes in northern Chatham Country range from $100,000 to $500,000 in price. The square footage of the homes varies as much as the prices, often ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet per home. This is the ideal position for home-buyers, allowing the to select a property specific to their needs. Should you find yourself in want of a large home with four bedrooms, or should you need a simple two bedroom home with a breakfast nook and a nice view, you’ll be able to find the spot that fits both your taste and budget.

Children further to the northwest corner of Chatham (near Chapel Hill) are zoned to North Chatham Elementary School, while those further to the southeast will likely attend Perry Harrison Elementary. As for middle school and high school, most children will attend Margaret Pollard and Northwood, respectively.

If you’re interested in living off the beaten path or living in a hip arts community, then northern Chatham County is the place for you. The homes are affordable, the people are affable, and you’ll find the living situation quite agreeable too. Be sure to contact your nearest realtor today to start looking for your next great home!