Located west of the UNC campus, the Cameron-McCauley Historic District provides a perfect blend of beautiful bungalows, soaring trees, and signature Chapel Hill style. First developed in the early 1850s, and then becoming home to many faculty members of UNC during the 1940s, this neighborhood of small lots and lush greenery provides easy access to campus and the downtown fun of Franklin Street.

Certified by the Town Council in 1990 as one of three historical districts in Chapel Hill, the Cameron-McCauley Historic District offers potential buyers a chance to live in a neighborhood of tightly-packed homes serenely set back from the quiet streets. Laden with various architectural styles of the 20th century — such as the accented doorways and symmetrical facades of the Colonial Revival style, or the gables, turrets, and breakfast nooks of Craftsman design — this neighborhood boasts a plethora of options for those looking to live in a rather unique and uncommon home.

Not only does the Cameron-McCauley area boast a beautiful array of housing and architectural options, but it also gives residents all the quintessential charms of that they’ve come to know about Chapel Hill. Gravel paths, low-stone walls, and tree-lined roads fill residents with a nostalgic, down-home feeling, enveloping them in the wonderful dichotomy between the old town and the contemporary city. Although the homes are outfitted with all the modern necessities — Internet access, air conditioning, and the like — the tree canopy provides the shade necessary for activities like walking, jogging, biking, playing on the front lawn with your family, and weathering the heat of the summer months. Should you find yourself wanting to retreat from the sun and into one of the delicious restaurants or thirst-quenching bars of Franklin and Rosemary Streets, you’re only a few minutes walk at all times.

Increasing in price the closer you get to campus, the homes range from $350,000 to well over $1.5 million. The lower-end homes are often small and simple, providing a great niche for students or young professionals, while the higher-end homes are fantastic for professors and retirees looking to read a good book on their porch. Homeowners are also required to keep their properties current with a strict standard of appropriateness set by the Town Council. Encompassing everything from decks to sheds to exterior lighting, the code requires every home to receive a certificate validating that it lives up the neighborhood’s high level of exterior attractiveness and historic homogeneity.

The demographics of the neighborhood contain a lively mix of students, educators, and business professionals from the Research Triangle Park. Living in this top-notch neighborhood also gives residents access to first-class educational opportunities. Should you have children, they will be zoned to Carrboro Elementary School, Culbreth Middle School, and the esteemed East Chapel Hill High School. And, of course, the jewel of the UNC system sits right next door. The Cameron-McCauley neighborhood is a hotbed for educational and recreational activities to say the least.

If you are interested in staying one or two blocks from Franklin Street or possibly in the same neighborhood as the famous Carolina Inn, the Cameron-McCauley Historic District will delight you like a glass of lemonade on a summer’s eve. When you find yourself swooning over the lush landscape and historic homes, contact the nearest Realtor and get started today!