Valerie Foushee

Northside Resident: ‘Habitat Has Brought Life Back to Our Community’

Listening to anyone who grew up in Chapel Hill’s Northside neighborhood, you can feel the sense of togetherness that residents of the historically African-American neighborhood share. “Northside, in particular, is where I learned the true meaning of community. It was a neighborhood of tight-knit families who shared each others’ joys and comforted each other in sorrow,” said state Senator Valerie Foushee, who was among the community leaders gathered at the Carolina Inn on Friday to celebrate the work of Habitat for Humanity in Northside. Foushee and Kathy Atwater grew up in Northside, went to church together and were classmates...

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Legislature Passes New Gun Bill

The General Assembly passed a new firearms bill Monday night. Legislators say House Bill 562 has come a long way since the House’s earlier controversial versions. In addition to full Republican support, the gun bill got favorable votes from seven Senate Democrats when it passed on Monday night. But Orange County Democrat Valerie Foushee was not among them. “I know that there were efforts to take away some of the most concerning parts of that bill,” Foushee said. “But still there are issues that concern me as they relate to what sheriffs are able to do in terms of...

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