Steve Farmer

State Budget Brings Tuition Freeze Across UNC System

UNC’s graduating class of 2020 – the incoming freshmen of this year – can budget their four years of college spending a little easier than their older siblings. Now, the math is simple – just multiply tuition by four. For the first time in the UNC system, students will pay the same amount of tuition during their first year of college as they will during their last, thanks to a new policy in the state budget that includes a tuition freeze across the system. “For first year students, what it will mean is that the tuition he pays when...

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UNC Joins Coalition Aiming to Improve Admission Process

The University of North Carolina has joined a diverse coalition of public and private colleges and universities that is coming together to improve the college admission application process. The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success is developing a free platform of online tools to streamline the experience of planning for and applying to college for all students. Steve Farmer is the Vice Provost for Enrollment and Admission at Carolina, and he tells WCHL’s Blake Hodge more about Carolina’s involvement in the project....

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