Raleigh Mann

Pam Hemminger and Resident Opinions

A new year, a new Town Council in Chapel Hill, and a new mayor. Some would say that our most recent election demonstrated the frustrations of residents who felt that they hadn’t had much of a voice lately in local decision making.  Some of these residents who care a lot about what the Town Council decides thought their wishes were being ignored. So, they elected representatives who may change the culture of the way decisions are made.  They wanted their voices heard. Don’t you love it when you get to vote? We actually do have a voice when we vote.  It does make a difference. Now, comes Pam Hemminger.  Our new mayor whose election displaces former mayor Mark Keinschmidt.  Mayor Hemminger has set to work trying to change the way the town deals with concerns of its residents. Listen to Raleigh Mann’s Commentary Now, the Town of Chapel Hill is posting residents’ petitions and public hearing details online for everybody to see.  We can follow the progress of issues we care about and speak out about them.  We will have a voice says the mayor and she’s urging Town Council members to change the old culture and instead work to create an environment that encourages respectful listening to us and to our concerns. Pam Hemminger’s administration will be different, she told a News & Observer reporter.  “We’re going to strive...

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