Phil Ford

Kid Who Couldn’t Dunk Was Still An All-American

Phil Ford, arguably the greatest point guard to ever play in the ACC, faced a daunting challenge as a young boy growing up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He was too small – to jump up and touch the rim or dunk like the bigger players he idolized. So Phil decided he would learn to do other things better than every other player, no matter their size. And he did, mastering the arts of dribbling, passing and shooting and one signature move that no other high school player could duplicate – the driving, 360-degree spin. A new children’s book...

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Phil Ford Slams HB2, Endorses Roy Cooper for NC Governor

UNC basketball legend Phil Ford slammed the controversial North Carolina law known as HB2 and endorsed Roy Cooper for North Carolina governor in an email to Cooper’s supporters Friday afternoon. Ford wrote that he was disappointed in the loss of NCAA and ACC events as a result of HB2.  He recalled the 1975 ACC Tournament at Greensboro Coliseum, “One of the highlights of my basketball career at North Carolina was the 1975 ACC Tournament in the Greensboro Coliseum. I’ll never forget cutting down those nets with my teammates after winning the championship.” Ford added, “Communities all over the state are suffering...

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Remembering Final Fours of Years Past

Final Fours can cause nightmares and daydreams. Just ask Phil Ford. Ford has a unique perspective on these Final Four trips. After a career as one of the best players in Carolina history, Ford was also part of trips deep into the NCAA Tournament as a member of the Tar Heel coaching staff. Ford says that the loss to Marquette in the 1977 national championship game is “the only game in my entire career that I still have nightmares about.” Ford says one moment always sticks out to him when thinking about the ‘77 title game. “I remember having...

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