Matt Bailey

Reply to Matt Bailey

Recently, Matt Bailey, a fan of luxury apartments on the American Legion property asked, “Where were all these park lovers before January?” We were all around you, Matt.  Our desire for a park on the Legion property was expressed clearly in the Comprehensive Parks Plan adopted in 2013.  That same year the 2020 Comprehensive Plan was approved with its own reference to a park in this area.  The former Mayor and the current Town Manager should have held an open discussion about creating this park.   Last spring the Legion property had an R-2 zoning and an appraised value of...

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The Inconvenient Truth about Chapel Hill’s High Housing Costs

Paul Krugman—the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman—recently wrote an article spotlighting how local zoning laws that hamper building enough homes to meet demand directly cause housing costs to skyrocket in growing cities. Of course, you don’t need a Nobel-prize in economics to understand that when demand goes up faster than supply, prices will go up, and when supply goes up faster than demand; prices eventually go down. Colleges teach that concept in Econ 101. Heck, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools teach supply and demand in second grade social studies. Curiously, some people right here in our own community say...

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