Jim Martin

Jim Martin as a Catalyst

I know the kind of candidate the Republicans need to beat Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic candidate in next fall’s presidential election. It is not any of those running now. That party needs somebody smart who can get along with the far right in the party without frightening the middle-of-the-road voters in the fall. They need someone with proven experience in politics and government who is still not an ordinary politician. Former North Carolina Governor and former U.S. Representative Jim Martin, if he were 10 years younger, could be that person. Martin’s successful campaigns for Congress and governor paralleled the rise of the Republican power in North Carolina, a state traditionally dominated by Democrats. What were the ingredients of his political success? How much did he ride the rising tide of the Republican Party in the South? How much did his special and unique campaigns and character contribute to that rising tide? John Hood’s new book, “Catalyst: Jim Martin and the Rise of North Carolina Republicans,” examines these questions. Hood, former president and current board chair of the John Locke Foundation, combines a traditional biography of Martin with the political history of the rise of the Republican Party in North Carolina. The book’s title, “Catalyst,” gives a clue to Hood’s idea of Martin’s place in the growth of Republican political power. One definition of that word, according to...

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So They Are All, All Honorable Men

In the foulness of the ongoing athletic/academic scandal at UNC, former Governor Jim Martin has brought an honorable breath of fresh air. Many were critical of Martin’s December 2012 report of his investigation into “serious anomalies” in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. He characterized the scandal as academic, confined to one department. Subsequently, the Wainstein report, among other critiques, has confirmed that the UNC affair has involved widespread scandalous behavior by faculty, administrators, coaches, and tutors. In a soon-to-be published biography, Governor Martin, to his credit, admits his error. “I could have said, ‘Not only is it...

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DA Woodall Says UNC Academic Scandal Investigation Still Ongoing

HILLSBOROUGH – Though February has come and gone, Orange and Chatham Counties’ District Attorney, Jim Woodall says he’s not ready to announce whether charges will be brought against anyone regarding the recent UNC academic scandal. “I’m not going to give a timeline,” Woodall says. “I was hoping that we would announce any charges if there are going to be any by the end of February.” Last May, he said he wanted to know if there was any academic fraud, financial fraud, computer fraud, forgery, or conspiracy to conceal any crimes in the African and Afro-American Studies Department. An external review by former Governor Jim Martin and consulting firm Baker Tilly confirmed that fraudulent classes were found within the department. It also found that the problem dated back to 1997 and that it was isolated to just two staff members. Woodall says he got the final parts of the investigation from the SBI in early February, but that it’s an in depth process. “There’s some more information that we’re looking at, some more documents that we’ve become aware of,” Woodall says. “When I say we, it’s the SBI and my office. I think that process is going to take just a little bit longer. He says the idea behind waiting is that he wants to make sure there is one announcement about the case rather than changes along the way....

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