Jim Dean

UNC Chancellor Meets With Students to Discuss Diversity

Improving race relations and creating a welcoming environment for all students has been one of the biggest storylines on university campuses around the country and at UNC in recent months. High-level administrators, including Chancellor Carol Folt and Provost Jim Dean, met with student activists Friday to continue the discussion surrounding diversity at UNC, according to Carolina Connection. Folt has sent multiple messages to the campus to lay out plans moving forward to incorporate student group ideas of how to improve the sometimes-tense relationship between the university and minority students. A group of students stopped a Town Hall event on...

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UNC Posts Letter from SACS

UNC has made public the July 1 letter it received from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). That letter informed the university SACS was placing it probation for 12 months due to an academic fraud scandal in which more than 3,000 students received credit for bogus classes. Chancellor Carol Folt said in early July the university would publish the letter after she and Provost Jim Dean had a chance to meet with UNC and SACS leadership. In a letter posted to the Carolina Commitment website Monday, Folt said she and Dean met with SACS Commission on Colleges...

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