Holden Thorp

So They Are All, All Honorable Men

In the foulness of the ongoing athletic/academic scandal at UNC, former Governor Jim Martin has brought an honorable breath of fresh air. Many were critical of Martin’s December 2012 report of his investigation into “serious anomalies” in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. He characterized the scandal as academic, confined to one department. Subsequently, the Wainstein report, among other critiques, has confirmed that the UNC affair has involved widespread scandalous behavior by faculty, administrators, coaches, and tutors. In a soon-to-be published biography, Governor Martin, to his credit, admits his error. “I could have said, ‘Not only is it...

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Thorp: Be Confident In Future Of Town-Gown Relations

Pat Evans opens Thursday’s meeting of the Friends of the Downtown. CHAPEL HILL – Outgoing UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp has long been recognized for having ushered in a new era of improved town-gown relations in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. With his time at Carolina coming to an end next month, local leaders have expressed some concern about the future—but Thorp says he has every reason to believe that incoming chancellor Carol Folt will pick up right where he left off. “So far Carol Folt and I have not had a conversation where we disagreed about anything,” he said at...

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Dinner With Thorp: Community Leaders Dine With The Chancellor

CHAPEL HILL – Out-going Chancellor Holden Thorp is welcoming Orange County leaders to his house for dinner Tuesday. Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton is going—he says it is goodbye dinner of sorts but also a time to just talk. “It’s a basically social occasion to thank each other for working closely together to lead our community,” Chilton said. Chilton says other attendees will include Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt and Chair of the Orange County Commissioners, Barry Jacobs. He says Thorp has been a committed community member during, and also before his time as chancellor. During his five years at...

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