RALEIGH – National Weather Service meteorologist, Gail Hartfield says if you live in rural Orange County, you could see the season’s first frost in the early Thursday morning hours.

“It’s a common effect called the heat island effect, and basically when you have any cities or areas that are generating a lot of heat, that can easily go to keeping the temperatures up in that area,” Hartfield says. “Whereas, if you’re talking about some low-lying areas outside of the urban center, you could easily see temperatures five to more degrees cooler than you see in the cities.”

If you have plants that are susceptible to frost damage, you should cover them or take them indoors.

Hartfield says to also remember your outdoor pets as we jump into the cold-weather season.

“It’s not going to get below freezing, but it always helps to make sure that your pets have a nice warm place to be,” Hartfield says.

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