CHAPEL HILL – Chapel Hill Police Public Information Sgt. Josh Mecimore says officers have seen fairly good conditions on the roadways since the storm moved in early this morning.

“I’ve talked to the watch commander that worked overnight, and he said at about 1:45 a.m. they started seeing a mix of rain and freezing rain,” Sgt. Mecimore says. “He said that the temperatures never really got down to freezing, so the roads are wet, but they didn’t see any hazardous conditions like slick roads or anything like that.”

Sgt. Mecimore says since the storm was not projected to be a large one, no added preparation was needed, though he says officers were on alert should it be worse than expected.

“Overnight we had just our regular patrol guys on duty, but they didn’t see any weather-related accidents or anything like that,” Sgt. Mecimore says.