CHAPEL HILL – UNC is holding the “Think Fast” Forum Monday—it’s a discussion about the Boston Marathon Bombings featuring experts in public policy, religious studies, history, journalism, and law.

Forum Speaker David Schanzer is an associate professor of Public Policy at UNC and Duke. He’s also the director of the Triangle Center of Terrorism and Homeland Security, a research initiative between UNC, Duke and RTI International.

“The Boston Marathon Bombings were a traumatic and important event. I think a forum like this can lead to a better understanding about the risks involved, how this came about, and what we need to do to prevent things like this in the future,” Schanzer said. “I’ll talk about the issues of motivation and the questions of radicalization of individuals and what cause that,” Schanzer said.

The forum is happening from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center on UNC’s campus. It’s free and open to the public.

“I expect we’ll have agreement on some issues and disagreements on others. That’s what these events are for—the create dialogue and debate,” he said.

Louise McReynolds is a professor of history at UNC. She is currently studying how sensational murders have raised a number of social and political questions.

“As a historian, I always want to have some larger perspective on situations that happen that quickly,” McReynolds said.

To see a full list of speakers, click here.