ORANGE COUNTY – Multiple news outlets report that a grand jury in Orange County has issued five indictments related to the ongoing investigation of the UNC football team.

Court documents were sealed, though, so neither the specific charges nor the names of the individuals indicted have been made public yet.

The UNC football program has already been penalized for violating NCAA rules and regulations, but the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office and Orange County district attorney Jim Woodall have been investigating whether any state laws were broken as well.

Among other things, they’ve been looking into whether former African Studies professor Julius Nyang’oro committed fraud by collecting paychecks from UNC for non-existent ‘classes’ he didn’t actually teach; they’ve also investigated whether sports agents violated state law by providing players with money and other gifts. Last month, unsealed documents revealed that former Tar Heel Greg Little had admitted receiving more than $20,000 from an agent during his college career.

Whether the indictments handed down this week relate to either of those, however, is still uncertain.