CHAPEL HILL – In his ‘farewell tour’ before departing UNC for WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis, Chancellor Holden Thorp didn’t leave anything unsaid in an end-of-term interview with WCHL’s Jim Heavner.

With less than three months until his departure, he says he’s not afraid to be honest in expressing that Carolina still has a lot of problems in the way it governs its athletic program. He also blasted the UNC system when he said a change needs to be made in its two-board governing system calling it “complicated and convoluted.”

Campuses nationwide are being investigated for their handling of sexual assault cases, and UNC is on the list. Chancellor Thorp says he’s glad people are talking about it and from day one he’s been focused on increasing campus safety.

Throughout the week, WCHL brought you all six parts of the News Special in which these topics and many more discussed. Saturday and Sunday you can hear the 90-minute interview in its entirety from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. on 97.9 FM and streaming here.

Part 1 – Holden Thorp: “We Have A Lot Of Problems”

Part 2 – Thorp: Big Time Sports Support Academic Mission

Part 3 – Thorp: Online Education Here To Stay

Part 4 – “This Is At The Heart Of Being Able To Do Our Job”

Part 5 – Can UNC Maintain New Policies Post AFAM?

Part 6 – Thorp Blasts UNC Governance