DURHAM – The man who rented out the SUV in which UNC’s P.J. Hairston was found in possession of marijuana, told ABC 11 that he has no ties to the UNC basketball program, sports agents, or Hairston.

Haydn Patrick “Fats” Thomas said Hairston was driving the vehicle that was rented by Mykael Faulcon, who was in the car and also charged along with Carlos Sanford. Hairston also carries a charge of driving without a license, which is how the search began at a checkpoint in Durham.

Durham Police also found a 9mm handgun on the ground near where the three were arrested. Officials are reporting that a fingerprint test is being done on the weapon but is not yet complete.

Thomas said he doesn’t believe the gun belongs to any of the men who were arrested. He also said he’s never rented a vehicle to any athlete.