CHAPEL HILL – A week after UNC’s student-athlete literacy was called into question, Chancellor Carol Folt responded saying the allegations are being reviewed and that the claims don’t add up so far to the preliminary figures in UNC’s records.

Chancellor Folt wrote to the campus community Thursday saying that “Carolina’s recent academic and athletic improprieties shook our University to its core.” But the woes continue.

On January 8, UNC reading specialist Mary Willingham was featured in a CNN article saying she was concerned about the number of student-athletes that were unable to read at a college level. According to Willingham, a basketball player came to her office looking for help and was (quoting from the article) “unable to read or write.” Willingham was hired to help athletes who weren’t able to perform at the level of students normally admitted to UNC, one of the nation’s top public universities.

Chancellor Folt cited that in 2012 and 2013, of the 321 student-athletes admitted and referenced in the CNN article only two had SAT and ACT scores lower than the first-year standards. She said those two students are currently in good academic standing.

She said the investigation into the literacy of these students is a lengthy process, but that it is ongoing. She asked the community for patience and understanding during the process and assured everyone that the truth will be explained.

To read the letter from Chancellor Folt, click here.