CHAPEL HILL – Construction on Weaver Dairy Road has been ongoing since 2010, but next month the section of road between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and the roundabout near Erwin Road will be completed.

The construction was meant to expand Weaver Dairy Road to include more exclusive turn lanes for drivers and raised medians.

According to a resident engineer with the N.C. Department of Transportation, Chris Kirkman, parts of the road will still see construction for a few more months.

“We have a retaining wall to install between the roundabout and Erwin Road. That’s going to take a few more months,” Kirkman said.

Kirkman says the expected traffic delays around the area where the wall is being installed should be minor.

“The intersection will be in its final configuration; all the lanes and the traffic signals,” Kirkman said. “It should be functioning well.”

While the plan is to be finished with the majority of the project by July, Kirkman adds that the frequent rain the area has been getting could delay completion.

“Asphalt has to dry off before you put your pavement markers down,” Kirkman said. “Rain has a huge effect on progress of a project.”

Workers are also adding sidewalks and bike and bus lanes to the stretch of Weaver Dairy Road between MLK Boulevard and Erwin Road.