CHAPEL HILL – Senator Ellie Kinnaird announced Monday that she will resign from her spot on the State Senate representing Orange and Chatham County.  Democratic State Representative Verla Insko worked with Kinnaird for several years and said she thinks Kinnaird will spend her time helping other candidates for the Democratic Party.

“I think that she really wants to spend her time helping other candidates and helping put the senate caucus on strong footing” Insko said.

Kinnaird said one of the reasons she chose to resign was because she felt there was nothing she could do to help the situation.  The state legislature has already ended the long session, which is when most bills are filed, and in the upcoming short-session there is a limit to the bills that be filed.  Insko said she understands how it can be frustrating in the General Assembly at the time.

“It’s frustrating but it’s also partly because it is hard to actually make a difference,” Insko commented.

Insko worked with Kinnaird on several bills over the years and says she was known for many great things.

“I think her contribution was really to be always there ready to speak out on the issues ready to take a stand for social justice, a very clear record of support for social justice and equality” Insko said.

With Kinnaird resigning, an open spot will need to be filled in the North Carolina Senate.  Insko says she thinks that there are several candidates from the area that will be good for the position.

“Well there are many, many people in Orange County who could step in and do that job very well,” Insko stated. “We are blessed here with many very bright, competent leaders in the public and private sector too.”

Senator Kinnaird has a long history of supporting the citizens in the area and helping people as both a mayor of Carrboro and a State Senator.

To listen to our interview with Verla Insko click here.