CHAPEL HILL – Minister Robert Campbell, President of the Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood association, says the ongoing Moral Monday protests demonstrate democracy in North Carolina.

“ It look like those people that was standing out in the rain,” Minister Campbell says. “All those people that were standing there, letting their voice be heard, that we want to preserve the integrity of what North Carolina is.”

More than 200 different groups were represented in the Moral Monday protests this week, many of the people representing their communities.  Campbell says it is important for people to represent their community at these protests since many people can not make it.

“The voices are coming together saying we want to preserve North Carolina,” Minister Campbell says.

The Moral Monday protests have continued for six weeks, and Campbell anticipates that they will continue to have these protests until many of the groups are satisfied with the government.

“How long should we fight?” Minister Campbell asks. ” Until righteous injustice strive like a blossom flower. How long shall we stand? As long as there is a need to correct an injustice. So it seems like we will be there for generations.”

The Moral Monday Protests present the North Carolina Government with an opposition of citizens that stand together against some new legislation. Minister Campbell and many others say they will continue to protest in Raleigh demanding change and the preservation of North Carolina.