HILLSBOROUGH – Orange County resident and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools’ Director of Student Equity and Volunteer Services, Graig Meyer says he will lead you from his House 50 seat with integrity, intention, and inclusion.

“I truly believe that whether it’s as a representative in Raleigh or in the work that I do in education that you start with integrity, you’re intentional about your decisions, and one of the things that you’re intentional about is how to be inclusive of all people,” Meyer says. “Our government needs to serve all people.”

Meyer was sworn in by State Senator Valerie Foushee who represents District 23. She resigned from the House 50 seat to fill the position Ellie Kinnaird left after 17 years in office.

The Historic Hillsborough Court House saw a standing-room-only crowd Thursday night. Meyer says it’s not for the spotlight and the politics, but for the people that he has chosen to serve.

“To hear the things that they say…that the people who are here tonight aren’t here because I’m a politician, they’re here because they know me and they express their belief in me, it’s very joyful and very humbling,” Meyer says.

Meyer is married with a daughter in college at UNC Charlotte and two sons in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools system.

*Correction: Meyer’s boys are enrolled in the Durham Public Schools system where his wife, Jen, teaches.

He says his top role model is his father. But he says his top political role model stands out for the politician he is and for the father he is.

“I never really had another strong role model until I saw Barack Obama,” Meyer says. “When I saw him, I admired that he came out of a community-organizing background the same way as I came out of a social-work organizing background, and I admired the way that he approached the balance in his life between being a public leader and a private father. I really wanted to emulate his ability to do that.”

Meyer joins Rep. Verla Insko and Sen. Foushee in Raleigh as your newest representative. For more information on Meyer and to contact him, click here.