CHAPEL HILL – A new poll shows that NC Governor Pat McCrory continues to be popular with an approval rating is sitting at 49 percent right now, according to data collected by Public Policy Polling of Raleigh.

“49 percent is a very good number for a politician these, especially these days when voters are really just down on politicians,” Tom Jensen of PPP.

The poll shows that 36 percent of North Carolinians disapprove of McCrory’s job performance. Jensen says this is in large part because 31 percent of registered Democrats approve of the governor.

Jensen compared McCrory’s numbers in his first four months in office to his predecessor, former Governor Bev Perdue (Dem.). He says McCrory’s numbers have been steadily positive, whereas Perdue’s numbers dropped every month during the first six months after she was elected.

Public opinion of Republican-controlled state legislature, though, is not on-par with McCrory’s positive numbers.

‘When voters think about the state government as a whole, they are really not that happy,” Jensen said.

52 percent of voters disapprove of Republicans as a whole running the state government while only 38 percent approve. Jensen says this is because of the wave of legislation pouring out of the state legislature lately.

‘What we’re finding is that most of these controversial proposals are not popular with the public at-large. You sort of see the national media mocking North Carolina for these proposed bills,” Jensen said. “Average North Carolina voters don’t support them and that’s why you see the numbers so low.”