CHAPEL HILL – Laurin Easthom is the second person to announce her intention to seek the North Carolina House seat in District 50, formerly held by Valerie Foushee.

Easthom is currently a member of the Chapel Hill Town Council but previously announced she would not seek reelection.  She says that she will apply the same commitment to the House that she did in the Town Council.

“It is a broader geographic distance that I will be representing, but I am committed to going out and getting to know those folks that I don’t know, in addition to helping those I already know,” Easthom says. “That’s all part of the job.”

So far Laurin Easthom and Tommy McNeill are the only people to announce an intention to seek the Dist. 50 House seat.

WCHL’s Ran Northam spoke with Easthom about her intention to seek the House seat.

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