CHAPEL HILL – Your state’s 74th governor will join Ron Stutts on the WCHL Friday Morning News to answer questions about a host of topics, including the decision not to expand Medicare.

North Carolina District 23 Senator Valerie Foushee says there’s no reason he should let that happen.

“We need an answer as to why we would not provide health care coverage for 500,000 people in North Carolina,” Sen. Foushee says. “Why would we reject almost 25,000 jobs related to that expansion? And how many hospitals have to close before we realize that that was an error in judgement?”

In his first term as governor, McCrory was also faced with weekly protests that resulted in nearly 1,000 arrests of citizens. The Moral Monday protests even received national attention in the later weeks.

One week in August, Gov. McCrory was criticized for delivering a plate of cookies to protesters of an abortion bill he signed into law as what The Washington Post called a “let’s-make-up gesture.” The protesters left the plate of cookies with a note reading “We want women’s health care, not cookies.”

We’ll also ask Gov. McCrory how he feels about Congress’ decision to partially shut down the government for 16 days which ended in an open-ended decision. The government is now funded until January 15 and the debt ceiling was raised to February 7.

Tune in Friday at 7:30 a.m. to hear the interview.