CARRBORO – Getting stuck in traffic is no way to start your work week, but if you were on Main Street in Carrboro Monday morning, you just may have started the day that way.

Carrboro Police Lt. Chris Atack says crews responded to the intersection of James Street and West Main Street just before 9:30 a.m. for a gas line break.

“I believe it was a two-inch, flexible gas line, so there was some gas actually coming out,” Atack says. “But, they got it capped off and shut down, so (there were) no issues.”

Atack says Orange Water and Sewer Authority was attempting to replace water lines when the gas line was struck.

While Chapel Hill is still working on the cleanup from a fuel spill on Friday at a gas station undergoing construction, Lt. Atack says this incident was minor.

“(It) shut off traffic for just a bit, and they got the line capped,” Atack says. “Everything’s back to normal, so no ongoing issues.”

He says crews cleared the scene in less than an hour.