CHAPEL HILL –Reporting by Chapel Hill News found teachers in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools system who complained that the MSL test not only had bad questions, but that the same test was given on different days over a three week period.

Executive director for community relations for the CHCCS, Jeff Nash, says that issues with the Measure of Student Learning tests are a state-wide issue, not a local school system issue, and he points to the testing on different dates as a source of the problem.

“If one student takes a test on Tuesday and his friend takes a test on Friday, they may very well have a discussion about what was on that test,” Nash says.

Nash says that this is an even more troubling possibility, given the technology modern students use.

“This is even bigger because students can put things up on Facebook or they can Tweet out the questions and there’s just a more widespread, statewide conversation going on among students,” Nash says.

He says the CHCCS is talking with the state’s Department of Public Instruction to see if it could move toward the MSL test being held on the same day in the future.

“There may have to be some changes there. That’s something that we’re talking about and probably every school district is taking a look at,” Nash says.

Nash says students who took the MSL test were not required to sign an honor pledge.