CHAPEL HILL – The conservation group—Friends of Bolin Creek—is hosting a basketball tournament Friday at 5:30 p.m. It’s happening at Homestead Park and is free to the public—but they are accepting donations.

Julie McClintock  of Friends of Bolin Creek, says the event was entirely organized by Chapel Hill High School students.

“It’s a wonderful thing when you see young people come-up with their own ideas about how to change the world,” McClintock said.

The science students reached out to McClintock about wanting to organize a benefit.  Area firefighters and policeman will be playing in the tournament alongside the students—but McClintock says anyone can join in. Donations will be put towards to keeping sediment out of Bolin Creek, in addition to other projects.

“We have an initiative at Chapel Hill High School right now—because the school is actually built on a tributary to Bolin Creek. There are flooding problems and there are erosion problems that need attention,” McClintock explained.

The plan is to plant vegetation along the Bolin Creek bank to prevent future erosion.