CHAPEL HILL – Chapel Hill’s Association of Realtors revealed the latest house in their Fix-A-Home community service project on Friday.

This year, Fix-A-Home helped homeowner Susan Prytherch, a disabled single mother, to remodel her house and fix problems like rotting wood. Prytherch said it’s like a new home.

“I love every bit of it,” Prytherch said. “They just totally transformed the house.”

The Fix-A-Home service project has been helping people in the community for seven years.  All the work done is through volunteers and materials donated from local stores and businesses, free to the homeowner.  Project chair Anne Hoole says she began working with Prytherch on what to change in the house after they made the selection in February.

“It’s been an ongoing process since the selection was made,” Hoole says. “And the homeowner is really very much a partner in the process as well–and so she made all of the selections as far as flooring and cabinet, and paint colors. All of those things are her choices–it’s her home, she’s going to live in it.”

Prytherch says one of the most astounding changes was the colors in the house.

“I mean, you can’t imagine when you’ve seen little colors on 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper and then you see it in real life,” Prytherch said. “You know I’ve been a little nervous–like, did I get it too crazy with colors–but no, it’s gorgeous, just perfect.”

For Prytherch’s house, more than 40 people volunteered to work on the house and 22 skilled tradesmen and vendors donated time and supplies.  Next year Fix-A-Home will accept applications for another house in the area to help repair.

Fix-A-Home gave special thanks this year to Horizon Custom Builders for serving as their general contractor and guidance.

For information on the application and to view other projects by the Fix-A-Home project you can click here.