PITTSBORO-One local nonprofit organization is seeking the public’s help in saving the life of an ailing wild animal.

Animal Control authorities confiscated a tiger in Orangeburg County, South Carolina who was being kept as a pet by a private over—and Carolina Tiger Rescue of Pittsboro retrieved the animal last week. Carolina Tiger Rescue Executive Director Pam Fulk says the tiger, who’s been named Aria, is doing better, but she still has a long way to go.

“She wasn’t even lifting her head,” she says. “She was very dehydrated at that point, and we were really questioning whether she’d even make it back here. But she did, and in the past week she’s made amazing progress.”

Carolina Tiger Rescue is seeking donations, primarily to address Aria’s medical care and safe return to a suitable habitat. In the meantime, Aria will be quarantined for at least 30 days.

“We’ve given her a lot of drugs to address many, many symptoms,” she says. “We’re beginning to get some of idea of some of the things that may be causing her medical condition. The issue is that we are using a lot of medications, and we still don’t know what’s ahead for her, or even whether she’ll survive.”

For information on how to make a donation, click here.