CHAPEL HILL – The woman who died Wednesday night after being hit by a car was likely under the influence of alcohol, according to the Chapel Hill Police Department.

The victim, Lisa Renee Baldwin, 41, of Chapel Hill, was arrested 63 times for previous violations, some of which were alcohol related, according to CHPD’s records since 2001. The current database only goes back to that year.

Lieutenant Kevin Gunter said Baldwin was walking when she was hit shortly before 8:30 p.m. near the intersection of Fordham Boulevard and South Estes Drive.

Baldwin died at the scene of injuries related to the accident.

“According to witnesses on the scene, she did appear and it was reported in the investigation, that they had observed her apparently staggering when walking. It appears that alcohol could have possibly been involved.”

Gunter said he won’t be able to confirm that until the toxicology reports are completed.

“What it appears is that the victim stepped off the curve onto the road way and attempted to walk in the direction Ridgefield Apartments when she was struck by the vehicle.”

The driver involved in the accident, Katherine Rogers, will not be charged, according to Gunter.