CHAPEL HILL – Camelot Village Condominium residents are facing severe water damage to their homes after more than seven inches of rain between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

The Red Cross set up a shelter at Smith Middle School Sunday night for evacuated residents.

Monday morning, a Camelot Village resident of 14 years says he returned to his home from Smith Middle School with only a few saved belongings in hand.

“I’m in the back, G, we never get flooded, but it was so bad,” he says. “The water was up to the door. But they were telling everyone to get out and go. I went to the shelter. I just got back now to see if I could change. I was trying to save whatever I could save. I was throwing clothes on top of my bed. Everything was floating around. I’ve been in these apartments a long time and I’ve never seen it like this.”

Another CamelotVillage resident, Arnel Flowers says he tried to notify the people around him as the flood was rushing into his apartment.

“Early in the morning, about 4:30, I got up and knocked on peoples’ doors,” Flowers says I got as many people up as I could before the water rose too high.”

Now, Flowers says his next steps are saving his home.

“And now we’re back and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we need to get this place secured enough so it’s livable again.”

Construction crews are helping repair the damaged homes. Joel Duvall, property manager for CamelotVillage recounts the flooding.

“On Sunday morning at about five’ o’clock, there was a flood that got into three buildings,” Duvall says. “Two restoration companies came down Sunday to start work on those three buildings. Sunday afternoon, the major flood hit and we have probably 76 units that have water in them.”

Duvall says he’s unsure when the homes will be habitable again.

“It may be as much as 60 days; we’re not sure.”

Marshall Wade, CamelotVillage resident had no damage to his home, but says his neighbors encountered water three to four feet deep.

“Most of those down there got water three and four feet deep,” Wade says. “In those apartments, they’ll not only have to pull the carpets out, but they will have to rip the sheetrock off the walls, replace a lot of the electrical outlets. Things like that.”

Wade says he worries if residents of CamelotVillage can survive another storm like Sunday’s.

“This place may not survive this one. This may be the end of CamelotVillage.”

CamelotVillage residents continue to restore their homes after the water damage.

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