ORANGE COUNTY – If you need flood assistance from the Small Business Administration, you’ll have to call or go online to find it.

On Friday, the County announced the Flood Assistance Center at University Mall was shut down. However, assistance from the SBA is still available until September 13.

For more information or to contact the SBA Customer Service Center, you can call 1.800.659.2955 or visit


You might think degradable or compostable products are good for the environment, but it’s important to know how to properly dispose of them.

According to the Orange County Solid Waste Department, degradable or compostable materials that go through the recycling process that regular plastics go through to make things like carpets compromise the materials.

North Carolina House Bill 315 was signed by Governor Pat McCrory in June to require clear and explicit labeling on products that should not go in the recycling bin. However, the bill’s required labeling doesn’t take place until next year, so Orange County Solid Waste is asking you to pay close attention to what you throw in the bins.