Photo By SP Muray

CHAPEL HILL – Director of the North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center, Annie Baggett, says the goal for the riding center is to help disabled people through riding.

“Our mission is to empower children, teens, and adults who are differently-abled through horse centered programs” Baggett said.

On Thursday, the North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center held a fundraiser called “The Rockin’ Horse Round Up”.

This fundraiser gives people a chance to see the work that the riding center does and to help contribute to their cause. In the second annual event, food trucks contributed to the ‘round up’ and also gave a portion of their profits back to the riding center.

“We feel like it’s a great opportunity for the community to come out and see what we do, witness the work, witness the magic” Baggett commented.

The Orange Grove Fire Station also attended the event, bringing a fire tuck for people to see.  One of the therapeutic ponies, Daisy, was made an honorary mascot for the fire station and was dressed in a red hat.  Baggett says that during the event people were able to see some of therapeutic work that they do while enjoying the food and Daisy.

“All of the kids of all ages can come out an enjoy her, and learn about hippo-therapy, witness a demonstration of some of our riders, and just really have a good time to help support the families who care for loved ones” Baggett said.

For more information on the NC Therapeutic Riding Center, click here.

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