CARRBORO – More than a dozen signs protesting against a Virginia-based company that owns several apartment complexes in Chapel Hill and Carrboro were on display Friday along Jones Ferry Rd.

The signs read, “Why does the G.S.C. Hate Poor People?”

GSC stands for General Services Corp., based in Richmond, Va. The company owns complexes including Estes Park Apartments and Carolina Apartments.

The signs did not indicate who posted or printed them.

Earlier this year, GSC joined a growing list of once affordable housing options which no longer accept Section 8 vouchers, a federal subsidy program that provides rental assistance to low-income people.

Property owners are not required by law to accept Section 8 vouchers.

Resident Terri Buckner spotted the signs during her morning commute into Chapel Hill Friday morning.

“When I spotted them, they were tacked onto some landscaping timbers along Jones Ferry Rd. starting at Barnes St. going into town,” Buckner said.

The signs read at the bottom: “Love for all who resist eviction. No love for landlord parasites.”

“One was English and the next would be Spanish, and there were probably 10 on the set of landscape timbers, and then they were on just about every feasible surface into town,” Buckner said.

Buckner said she did not know who was responsible for the signs.

An email to GSC for comment on the signs was not returned.