CHAPEL HILL – This is the traditional week of getting together with your family members and giving thanks for the things you have in your life, such as your health, your home and your job to name a few.  But for some folks, they do not  have enough income to be able to provide themselves with a Thanksgiving meal.

John Dorward is executive director at Inter Faith Council for Social Service.  He tells WCHL that I-F-C will be providing food for a large number of families for Thanksgiving.

“The 400 meals for the families, we actually supply them with the turkey and all the sides that go along with them so that they can go home and cook themselves,” Dorward says.

He says they do it because so many families can’t afford it.

“Turkeys then at Christmas the hams and things like that can get a little pricy,” Dorward says.  “Some people are not really prepared to be able to do that.  So this way, they can provide their family with the same type of meal like the rest of us are doing.”

The pick-up for these food items begins today and runs through Wednesday.  Families, who qualified for the Thanksgiving food, have already signed-up and been approved.

Dorward also tells us that there will be a traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day for the homeless in Chapel Hill and surrounding area.

“Will be at the Community Kitchen, which is in the old Municipal Building at the corner of Columbia and Rosemary Streets,” Dorward says. “I believe it happens somewhere right around noon.”