CHAPEL HILL – After your local landfill shut down at the end of June, Orange County solid waste director, Gayle Wilson, says he’s only heard of minimal issues coming from Orange County residents.

“There was a small [private] hauler or two who, apparently, didn’t prepare well,” Wilson says. “When the landfill closed, they were not ready and did not have an alternate location for disposal selected.”

Wilson says the department reached out to the haulers but never heard back from them.

He says now the department is successfully rerouting all of the solid waste trucks to the Durham City Transfer Station.

“We had a good deal of time to prepare for the closing of the landfill, so as far as Orange County’s perspective goes, it’s going pretty well,” Wilson says.

While Orange County Solid Waste Management is currently using the Durham City Transfer Station, Wilson says officials in the department are trying to find an alternate location to use when the Durham station is closed.

“The first time that happens is over the Thanksgiving holiday, so we’ll have that figured out. That won’t be a problem,” Wilson says.

He says there is a private landfill is Durham that is already being used as a contingent dumping area by Orange County officials and will likely be used in lieu of the Durham City Transfer Station.