WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman David Price mirrored the President’s sentiments saying the Republicans are in complete control of the government shutdown.

“The House Republicans took us over the cliff last night,” Congressman Price says. “They had for days been trying to make the President, make the country, pay a ransom for doing our basic job here: keeping the government open.”

Congressman Price spoke with Aaron Keck Tuesday on the WCHL Evening News.

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He says he’s not seeing the other side of the isle work together with his fellow Democrats in Washington.

“These band aides—as I call them—are about the best they’ve been able to manage, and I think that’s pretty pathetic,” Congressman Price says. “This is clearly an attempt at gaining political cover for something that the American people don’t like. I’ve had plenty of evidence for that from the 4th Congressional District. from folks at home who are just appalled, I think, that we’ve reached this point.”