CHAPEL HILL- Monday night, Durham’s mayor Bill Bellstopped by the Chapel Hill Town Council Meeting to tend to some very serious business.

Chapel Hill’s Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt weighed in on the topic.

“Several weeks ago I received a phone call from the Mayor of Durham, that’s the suburb just to our east, offering a wager,” says Kleinschmidt.

Durham’s Mayor Bill Bell addressed the Council on the wager that dates back to March 9 in a little building called the Dean Smith Center.

“We had a slight basketball game a few weeks ago and Duke came out on top,” says Bell. “As Mark indicated, he was the loser in this case, in good fun. The winner gets an opportunity to dress the loser in its favorite color.”

He proceeded to tell Mayor Kleinschmidt to take off his jacket and pulled a Duke Basketball hoodie out of a bag.

And what’s worse, it just so happened that Mayor Bell decided to cash in on the wager on a very important day.

Council Woman Sally Greene.

“I would note for the record that today is the mayor’s birthday, so it is a very special occasion,” says Greene.

And possibly in an effort to give the Tar Heel faithful one final jab, Mayor Bell said he hoped the trading of the blues wasn’t over this year.

“I was looking at the final four over the weekend, probably as most of you, and somehow in the back of my mind I as hoping that we might have another change to maybe repeat this, but unfortunately that didn’t happen,” says Bell.

So now, Mayor Kleinschmidt owns his first piece of Duke paraphernalia and is certainly dreaming up what he can get back at Mayor Bell with next year.