CHAPEL HILL- Town Manager Roger Stancil says hybrid-only parking at the Chapel Hill Public Library has been reduced by nearly two-thirds, at the request of library patrons.

Stancil says he took down eight of the eleven signs in response to complaints that the spaces were sitting empty even when the rest of the lot was full.

“I have removed the signs,” says Stancil. “There were eight in the upper main parking lot and they have been taken down. I did that because we were getting these concerns.”

Three spaces in the circle near the front entrance are still reserved for hybrid or low-emission vehicles. Stancil says the spaces were originally designated for hybrids to help the expanded library achieve LEED certification.

“I’ve asked the staff to evaluate what points do we need to actually achieve the LEED certification and we can decide what options we have about low-emission parking with good information, not just putting the signs up with the assumption that we need them.”

LEED certification is a voluntary program to measure green building standards. Stancil says participation in that program is a town priority, and staff will evaluate the expanded library to see how to maintain that certification.