CARRBORO – By the end of this month, three leaders from Carrboro will have retired from their positions with more than 80 years of combined experience.

Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton recognized retiring employees Carolyn Hutchison (29 yrs), David Poythress (28 yrs) and Desiree White (25 yrs) at the BoA meeting on Tuesday.

“Together, three of them are walking out the door with over 80 years, I believe is, of experience and knowledge.” Chilton said “We just can’t say enough how much we appreciate all three of you and all that you’ve done for the town of Carrboro.”

David Poythress has been the street supervisor for the public works department in Carrboro.  His last day will be on the last Friday in September.  Mayor Chilton says that they are proud of the work that Poythress has done.

“David, we are proud of the work that you have done for the town of Carrboro, we’re proud of everybody in the public works department and all our town employees,” Chilton stated “but we sincerely appreciate the many, many years of public service that you have put in for the town of Carrboro.”

Poythress was involved in many community activities outside of public works.  Chilton says that Poythress has had many volunteer jobs and served on piedmont electric membership cooperative board of directors.

Both Carolyn Hutchison and Desiree White have already retired from their positions. Desiree White was the director of the human resources department for Carrboro.

Carolyn Hutchison served as Police Chief for the town of Carrboro. New Police Chief, Walter Horton, was sworn in Tuesday.