CHAPEL HILL – Five people were arrested on Tuesday for an attempted burglary into a home on Umstead Drive that resulted in an assault on two residents of the home.

According to Sergeant Josh Mecimore of the Chapel Hill Police Department, the two residents, one male and one female, were reportedly in their apartment when the five suspects forced their way in and attacked them Monday night.

“It looks like the female was hit with some type of metal rod and the male was hit with just personal weapons; fists,” Mecimore said.

Sgt. Mecimore says both sustained injuries, the female’s being more severe, but neither required hospitalization.

“EMS responded but did not transport either of the victims to the ER,” Mecimore said. “So they were treated on scene and stayed there.”

The five suspects, Bradley McDowell, Cathy McDowell, Antionette Satterwhite, Katherine Williams, and Whitney Williams were all arrested and released on a written promise to appear in court. They are facing charges of first degree burglary, a felony, and assault with a deadly weapon, a misdemeanor. Satterwhite is also charged with inflicting serious injury, another misdemeanor.