CHAPEL HILL – Construction is underway again at the Family Fare BP off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the source of the gasoline leak into Crow Branch Creek last month.

A gasoline tank is being installed at the site.

Bishop Construction Company was doing renovation work at the BP just before the time of the leak. Sometime in the early morning hours of August 2, falling concrete punctured a whole in one of the fiberglass tanks at the gas station. The breached compartment held approximately 3,200 gallons of gasoline at the time of the incident, though the full amount was not leaked. Gasoline escaped from a sump pump connected to a storm drain, which then flowed directly into Crow Branch Creek, a feeder of Booker Creek and Eastwood Lake.

An unnamed tributary to Crow Branch Creek near Critz Drive and Booker Creek at N. Lakeshore Drive registered levels of toluene, a substance found in gasoline, which equated to a state Stream Standard Violation.

Marvin Barnes, of M.M. Fowler, the company which owns the gas station, and William Bishop, of the construction company, were cited as a result of the leak. The parties have till September 15 to respond to the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, and could face five state violations and fines up to $25,000