ORANGE COUNTY – County commissioners meet Tuesday to discuss the next steps in narrowing down a site for a southern branch of the Orange County Library.

The board has identified three possible sites in Carrboro, but county staffers say two are not feasible.

A property on Hillsborough Road next to the Martin Luther King Jr.Park would only work if Carrboro Aldermen agree to a land swap to place the library at the entrance to the park, but town leaders have indicated this is not what they have in mind for the property.

A second site adjacent to the cemetery on Fidelity Street could require blasting to move large deposits of underground rock. This would drive up the price of the project and runs the risk of disturbing nearby burial plots.

However,  the idea of placing a branch library inside a proposed mixed-use development on Brewer Lane is gaining traction among town and county officials.

Commissioners will discuss which locations to drop from consideration before proceeding to the next phase of evaluation, which could cost $15,000 per site.

The board meets at 7:00 p.m. at the Central Orange Senior Center in Hillsborough.